About us

MEDSOL is one of the first companies to offer medical consultations and complete medical tourism service in Serbia, and it is a full-service facilitator. We provide services in various fields of medicine to patients in other countries, to international residents in Serbia, and to local clients as well. We have a network of medical providers in Serbia. We also offer medical services in our partner hospitals in Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Thailand and some other countries.

We are committed to delivering the best and most comprehensive medical tourism service, including second opinion consultations, concierge service, along with Spa and Wellness destinations in Serbia.

While you may find it difficult to identify medical providers and to select the best facilities and hospitals, MEDSOL is able to easily provide you with a wide array of options to consider in both Serbia and abroad.

MEDSOL will take care of every step of your plan—from organizing your travel to the health care destination, to arranging your return travel, and coordinating all follow-up care. This means you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can concentrate on your treatment and recovery.

MedSol provides services in the following fields:

  • Medical tourism
  • Healthcare consultations:
    • Healthcare
    • Health Insurance
    • Pharmaceutical



Helping others, safety, respect, urgency and hospitality.

Premium service

We are committed on delivering the best and the most comprehensive service. Through our highest levels of customer service we practice continued excellence. We hold ourselves and our services, to certain standards in order to maintain the best medical experience for our patients. We cooperate with elite private outpatient centers.


Our healthcare professionals operate under the highest code of ethics and professionalism. Our experts share the same passion to help and offer premium customer service.